A Letter from Pastor Steve on Coronavirus / COVID-19

March 14, 2020 |

Aloha from Pastor Steve; First to say this, It is good that I remind you, God loves you and He has got this!

As in all other times in the life of a believer, as a Child of God, we are TRUSTING HIM. We are trusting Him with our lives, our families and His church, as our Island, our State, the Nation and the World deals with the fears and panic that have come with the spread of COVID-19 / Coronavirus.

I hope you are doing well and trusting Jesus in this time and living as a witness for Him. This is truly a great time to be a believer and to know the One that `knows everything`, that we are blessed to call `Our Father in Heaven`, and He is! And so, for us this is an important time to, “Be prepared to give an answer to all for the hope that lies within us. With gentleness and respect…`! (1 Peter 3:15) There are too many right now that are “laughing this off“ and calling it `fake news` and a `hoax`, and there are also far too many “spreading fear“ and causing mass panic around the globe, as we have all seen.

I cannot stress enough, DO NOT FEAR! Jesus told us ahead of time that these kinds of things, `pestilences` and such would come before His coming, that they would come as “Birth-Pains“! ( ie. with greater frequency and intensity ) And they would come as signs of His coming, and with that, the Rapture of His Church.

So, What does the Bible say? How would God have us to respond to this current trial? As usual, we turn to the Scriptures! Surely, I will be addressing this as we gather in the weeks, and months to come, but… God Himself, so very much, also wants to speak to you individually and give you peace and direction from Him personally. Therefore, my encouragement to each and every one of us would be to try to spend an equal amount of time reading your Bible and hearing from God, as we do scrolling on our phones or searching the internet! Social Media and the internet can breed fear in any of us, and OR a false sense of security as it is FILLED with so much speculation, half-truths, lies and politicizing of the `COVID-19`. One thing that we know is true is God’s Word, and that His “Perfect love casts out all fear“.

One of the very best things that you can do for the sake of your family and friends right now is to keep in close touch with the Lord personally through this. ( I believe that this present trial will likely show many believers how distant their relationship with the Lord has become, and they will hopefully remedy that !)

So, be reading your Bible and Praying, remain in close fellowship with the Body of Christ, but😊 maybe not being `physically` as close to one another as we in Hawaii are accustomed to! All the more reason to get closer to Jesus !

So, with that said; WHAT are WE DOING at CALVARY CHAPEL? As Paul told Timothy in 2Ti 1:7 `For God did not give us a spirit of fear, but a spirit of power, of love and of a sound mind`!

Here is my paraphrase of that verse for `the hour`; God did not give Us a spirit that freaks out, but that (first) has what is needed, loves (second) and (third) uses it’s head !“

So;FIRST: `having what is needed`, THE HOLY SPIRIT IN US WE WILL NOT BE FEARFUL, BUT FAITHFUL AND BELIEVING GOD FOR HIS PROMISES, LISTENING AND LED BY HIM AND USING EVERY OPPORTUNITY TO SHARE THE GOOD NEWS OF JESUS! We are not going to fear and be led by the world and so much of all of the craziness going on in the media, but we will trust God with this! God reminds His people in His Word over and over, “do not be afraid“… “peace, I am with you“… “I will never leave you“, etc.


THIRDLY: WE ARE GOING TO “use our heads“ , TAKING PROPER PRECAUTIONS AND ENCOURAGING THE SAME IN THE BODY. – We spent some time on Saturday afternoon with some awesome CCW servants cleaning and sanitizing the Children’s Ministry area, Coffee and Fellowship area and our Sanctuary! AND with your help we will continue to do this, keeping CCW safe and sanitary for all as we walk through this together as a body. The GOOD NEWS is We will walk with Jesus THROUGH this ! In the mean time…

We are encouraging everyone as we have all heard:

Wash your hands often and sufficiently.

Cover any coughs or sneezes (even if it is just allergies),

Keep your distance – I know this is hard in Hawaii, but try not to hug, don’t touch the elderly or people’s babies a great time to use more words and tell people how you care. (Remembering that even if you feel totally safe and don’t care, right now others might be very uncomfortable. So, love with words!)

Stay at home if you are sick. Our services are currently on FACEBOOK LIVE, and we should be back up soon on VIMEO. ( BUT… don’t let the enemy fool you into using this as an excuse to miss out on being a part of the body at CCW ) We will be assessing the situation as things change and will keep you updated on the church APP, Facebook and our Website.

Lastly, Keep this World wide situation and those who currently suffering and/or have lost loved ones in Prayer! “Keep your head in all situations”! Use this opportunity to teach your children and to share Christ !

You can check at www.hawaii.gov.comfor Hawaii Department of Health notices and rulings on this as things progress, or prayerfully clear up.

For the meantime; Again, we TRUST GOD. And pray that the peace of God will rule in your hearts, knowing that He loves us and is in control; and know as well that Kim and I and the leadership at Calvary Chapel Westside love you and are here for you and your families in any ways that we can encourage and pray for you.

Blessings and God’s strength,

Pastor Steve Santos, Kim and the CCW Ministry Family

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